Project X

Updated: 9/29/2021
Project X

Storyboard Text

  • Hey man that's never the solution, Here just come with me.
  • Today is not my day, I want to jump off that bridge
  • Dude why did you bring me here .
  • I wanted to show you how beautiful the world truly is.
  • Look out at the view and tell me how you feel.
  • I feel like I have nobody to talk too about my problems .
  • Follow me
  • Hey dude don't forget about me, I'm your friend now
  • I just want friends and have fun like other people do.
  • You're such a cutie kyle
  • Heyy kyle i'm hailey
  • Hey im kyle
  • Sup hailey this is Kevin
  • Let's go get some drinks
  • Huhhhhh???!!!
  • 5 shots everyone
  • I'm ready bring it ONN!!
  • My house is across the street but thanks for making sure that I got here safe
  • Thanks for everything you did for me Jeremy, I truly do feel happy since I have friends now. I't was so much fun
  • Yeah of course man, Just know that we are best buddies now and that I would always be here for you now. Im truly happy that you feel happy now.
  • It's getting dark so ill see you Kyle it was very fun , I'll see you tomorrow.