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Updated: 10/4/2021
Unknown Story

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  • It is a Friday night and Jahan is performing very well with all of the different college scouts there. Jahan goes to a big school so he competes with a lot of other good players. Even though Jahan starts and plays very good football he doesn't have many friends and is not very popular. Jahan does have one best friend that he has known since kindergarten.
  • The next week at school Jahan checks his phone and is on his way to class and sees himself on the news after his big game. After being on the news Jahan starts to get popular and people start trying to talk to him. Jahan doesn't really know how to feel about this popularity.
  • Jahan keeps performing on the field for the next couple of weeks at an unbelievable level. More college scouts come to see him every game. This particular game puts him over everyone else. This game is what starts to bring all the offers in.
  • Jahan has a smaller family. One Brother and his Mother. Jahan's dad passed away 2 years ago. His dad is the reason he even started to play football. Jahan is not close with any of his distant family members. Until his scholarship offers started to poor in.
  • Jahan's best friends name is Travis. Travis and Jahan have been playing football together since they were little kids. It was there Junior season for football and both were doing very well. They were in gym class and the unit was basketball. Basketball is known for ACL tears and different knee injuries. This gym class did not go as planned
  • One year later......Jahan rehabs the whole next year and is ready to go for his senior season. Jahan lost all of his scholarships after the colleges found out about his injury. Jahan is ready to play and get his revenge this season and earn back everthing he worked so hard for.