Tira comica EV1 MCMLII
Updated: 2/21/2021
Tira comica EV1 MCMLII

Storyboard Description

Tira comica EV1 MCMLII

Storyboard Text

  • That's right! if we had helped, they would have been conscientious.
  • but there's also pollution made by cars, factories, etc.
  • yes, we could be helping, if we weren't seeing this, we wouldn't know about this.
  • oh, that's true... but we can help by using a bike instead of a car, or using less contaminating products
  • hmm... you are right, maybe if we had been doing it, we would have reduced the contamination.
  • Also if we had been recycling, we would have helped with our problem
  • that is agood idea! we can start right now cleaning the river
  • yes, we gotta start right now
  • well, i have to go. I have to separate the garbage from my house before getting it to a recycling center.
  • bye
  • bye
  • bye
  • but if we were on a campaign, we would help people to know about.
  • Also, if we had helped people, we would have avoided this pollution of the river.
  • yes, also, if people had separated all this garbage, they would have taken it to a recycling center