Updated: 2/25/2019
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  • Starting Population 
  • Overproduction 
  • variation and competition
  • The turtle's species live on the ocean. The turtles are eaten by sharks that are spot from miles away
  • Adaptation
  • More turtles are born , and now its hard for every turtle to get resources. Some turtles are spotted by the sharks .
  • differential survival
  • Not all of the turtles are green some were born with different colors. They're all competing to stay alive and not get eaten by the sharks
  • Differential reproduction 
  • the yellow and purple turtles stand out against the sand and the seaweed. it makes it easy for them to get spot by the sharks.the green turtles match the color of the enovironment , its easier for them to hide from the sharks
  • since the green turtles camaflouge in there environment,green turtles are better at avoiding the sharks . Green turtles are eaten less and can often survive longer
  • only the surviving turtles get to reproduce. since most turtles are green, they pass on their brown trait to there offspring. Therefore a larger percentaget of turtles are brown
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