Updated: 3/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • WOW! I Have a lot of tasks to do! Or maybe not I can just do it later after all I still have a week to finish it.
  • It's so nice to watch TV. Oh I remebered! I still have schoolworks to do. But its fine I still have 5 days to finish it.
  • There's one girl who needs to finish a lot of school works.
  • This so nice! I just have to walk around the mall and not worry about anything.
  • She was so confident in not starting her tasks because she is thinking that she still has a week to accomplish it.
  • Life is so fun I still get the time to watch movies in the Cinema!
  • 2 days has passed and she haven't started anything and is still unconcerned about her task.
  • Oh no! I haven't started anything and the due date is tomorrow and it is already nightime!
  • The girl doesn't care about the tasks she have left and forgets about it.
  • She still manages to find some time watching movies but doesn't find time studying.
  • 6 days have passed and she hasn't started anything yet.