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[English 11] Vision Quest
Updated: 3/5/2020
[English 11] Vision Quest
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  • Aponi's grandmother, Aiyana, explained that it was almost time for her to embark on her vision quest. She had been training to survive in the wilderness on her own for almost one full year now. Her spiritual journey to adulthood is about to begin. On her vision quest, an animal should appear, called a "spirit helper", and a vision should happen. Upon her return, she is to describe her vision to an elder for interpretation.
  • It is time, Aponi. You have prepared much for this day.
  • After speaking with Aiyana, Aponi began to look for the spot for her vision quest; she decided on a plot of isolated ancestral land deep in the woods. She began to pray to the Creator and eventually went into the sweat lodge, or "the womb of Mother Earth", to be purified in mind, body, and spirit.
  • Thank you, O Creator...
  • After being in the sweat lodge for a few hours, Aponi began her trek to the spot she has chosen. She stared off into the distance, trying to get her vision for a few hours after landing on the plot. On the first day, Aponi began to believe she was going to be unsuccessful and began to doubt herself in having a vision.
  • It's getting dark out here... I might not have my vision today.
  • As she was about to head into a cave before nightfall, she had her vision- a majestic gray wolf staring back at her with a rainbow behind it. The wolf spoke a few words to her also and gave her a new name that she is to take.
  • I am your spirit helper, Aponi. You will take the name Tepkunset.
  • Excitedly, Aponi heads back towards her village with the remaining daylight. As walks, she ponders on what her spirit helper had showed her and the meaning of what she saw. She slowly begins to realize that she will now be accepted as an adult in her village and is more eager than ever to see what her destiny has in store.
  • As Aponi recounts what she saw to one of the elders, he begins to explain what it all means, and encourages her to take on the new name, Tepkunset. The elder explains that the wolf represents courage and the rainbow represents peace. Aiyana and the elder teach her what adulthood means and how to become more connected to the Creator and her spirituality.
  • I had a vision!
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