Immigration the story 4
Updated: 4/7/2021
Immigration the story 4

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  • Nick and her sister called my soup noodles worms.
  • Do Chink's eat worms? I never knew that!
  • Ew, Nick, he's not eating dog meat, he's eating worms, that's even more disgusting!
  • Eventually, I learned that what they did to me was called bullying.
  • Ring, ing, ing
  • At that point, I wanted to turn into an American.
  • Soon, I started thinking like an American, eating like one, looking like one. I wanted conform.
  • Today's Special: Hamburgers
  • Until 2 years later
  • Soon, more and more Asians came to America, my family united, and everything was normal again.
  • And that is my story of how I came to America, sounds amazing, doesn't it. I just wanted to say that my story is just one, one of all the experiences, please respect it, thank you.
  • Lets go Howard!
  • The End
  • Hooray!
  • Graduation's Over!