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History Comic Work
Updated: 10/14/2020
History Comic Work
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  • The visigoths were a germanic group that came form the west side of the lands. Who travelled to Rome.
  • Title: The visigoths
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  • The visigoths were realigious people who were a chrisitoan group, but later decided to have different kinds of beliefs making them known as catholicts. And the main help of the conversion was by their KIng, KIng ricardo.
  • the visigoths went forth to battle to try and defeat the roman empire, they were susscesful at first but sadly fallen.
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  • We bring an offer.
  • Adter the visigoths defeat against the roman empire they settled in a place across the dunabe river, till the valens decided to help bring the visigoths over the river.
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  • to have the visigoths come to their land the roman goveners wanted one request out of this and it was to soilders on their side. but they were treated badly causing the valnes not to respond to the offer. making this have a serious conflict by starrting a battle. In the end the fritergen and the visigoths were victorious
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  • Last but not least the visigoth became known as the most powerful of the successor states over the western empire. Although the were sucssesful in there battle they did have up and downs giving them the ability to make their own desicions in their generation.
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