Love Yourself
Updated: 3/8/2021
Love Yourself

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  • Hahahahaha your so funny.
  • why can´t I have friends. :(
  • ¨Hi my name is Serenity. I am 17 year old . You probably think I have a lot of friends like most teens my age. In reality I don´t have any friends. Every in school get along with everyone well except me. I always ask my self why I have no friends. It may be that I am not good enough or I am plain boring . I don´t even know who I even am. ´´
  • ´´Ýou´re beautiful honey and you are you remember that.´´
  • ´´Everyday at school I feel like I am alone and I just wish that everyday would go by fast. When I see people laughing and enjoying each other company I feel like I don´t matter,like I don´t exist. I ask myself every day why no one likes me or wants to be my friend. In conclusion I am no one.´´
  • This is who I am
  • ´´The only time I get to escape is when I am reading or dancing. I get drawn to the character life and if feel like its my own and I forget everything around me. When I am dancing , for those few minutes I dance everything away. A fun fact about me is I love listen to music , singing and dancing.´´
  • ´´ Love who you are´´
  • I live with my mom . She works on week days and the weekend we spend time together. One day I ask her why I have no friend and that I don´t even know who I am . She said ´´ You don´t need friends and you are you ,your unique but to find your self you need ask your self who you are not what you want to be , find out what you are and no good at , what you love to do but mainly love your self and except who you are.´´
  • ´´ I am Serenity . I want to be the best person I can be , to help people, try my best in everything I do, have a growth mindset and I just want to be my self and not care what people think about me . I am not great at drawing and that´s okay. I am good at dancing which makes me a part of me. I love to read and I love myself and I don´t need any one and their supports and friendship I can do anything I put my mind to .´´
  • ¨That is who I am and I love myself. Remember to love yourself and you are you and no one can change that. You are beautiful from the inside and out and remember you can do anything.¨