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Updated: 2/1/2021
Comic Book

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  • Although he was born into slavery in Saint Domingue (later Haiti), Toussaint learned of Africa from his father, who had been born a free man there. In addition, Toussaint was able to learn how to read and write.
  • I am going to read every book I can get my hands on!
  • Plantation owners in the colonies were angered and firmly opposed the "Rights of Man". Eventually, the revolutionaries decided to give in and renounce the measure. The news of disloyalty provoked major slave revolts throughout Saint Domingue.
  • It seems as if I have become the leader of this slave rebellion.
  • The Jacobins, a radical group of revolutionaries who were responsible for the Reign of Terror, regarded the issue of "equality" and voted to end slavery in all French colonies, including Haiti. The group lost power in France and the people sent their leader to the guillotine, ending the Reign of Terror.
  • I, Maximilien Robespierre, am about to be killed by this guillotine.
  • Napoleon, the ruler of France, acknowledged the plantation owners' wishes by restoring slavery in the French colonies, causing yet another war in Haiti. He and Toussaint later agreed to terms of peace.
  • Fine! I agree to accept Haitian independence.
  • Good. Thank you very much. I will agree to retire from public life.
  • But at least I know that other people will continue on with the fight for freedom...
  • At Napoleon's orders, the French forced Toussaint onto a boat headed for France. Napoleon ordered that he be placed in a prison dungeon in the mountains, and murdered by means of starvation, cold, and neglect.
  • Even though Toussaint has died in prison, we shall remain free! YAY!
  • Six months later, Napoleon made the decision to give up his possessions in the New World. He left Haiti in independence and sold the French territory in North America to the United States (the Louisiana Purchase).