helping in the expedition.
Updated: 2/5/2020
helping in the expedition.
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  • first
  • the starting
  • By Milagros Zamora
  • Over here!
  • Second
  • so lo to ro tamo scomp torote
  • is co trom plot rompo storonoteca saberu
  • it stom la tram co
  • the help
  • third
  • The resting
  • Meriwether Lewis (in the blue) and William Clark ( in the peach) were on the expedkition with their trib. Me in the purple has a grownup leading their way and translating for them.
  • Then
  • When we reached the Shoshone trib I had to translate with my aunt sacawaja with the leader of the trib. They said and agreed to lend us some horses and tents to show their appreciation by helping us.
  • Next
  • thank you so much
  • yesssssssss!
  • Then after many days of traviling we rested for a while to get our energy back.
  • Fainally
  • the new home
  • its so beautiful
  • Then after resting we started are adventure back again. But then we came to a stop realizing the the Lousiana river had came to an end.
  • The reality
  • After realizing the Lusiana river did not lead to the pacific ocean I found onother river which brangd back are hope. And actully lead us to the pacific ocean.
  • The discovery
  • And after many days of traveling and camping we fainally arrived to watch now is are home: the Pacific Ocean
  • yesssssss!
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