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Updated: 9/29/2021
Unknown Story

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  • this is a rural
  • garden area
  • moving truck
  • it is an image of a lady on the farm with her animals on a flat open pin this is out in the rural where there is no city or town there isn't many people around this area most farms in the rural have animals
  • location
  • this shows the hills on the land and this is where they grow their crops
  • moving
  • this is a moving truck used to transport the crops from the farm to the stores
  • how they adapt
  • the location is most of the time out away from the city and has trees around it the people around here typically farm their own plants and they mostly speak english
  • did you water the plants yet
  • yes i did
  • people might move from the city to the rural to get away from the noise in the city some people like to sit out on their porch in the early mornings
  • the people could adapt to this area by planting their own crops to eat and sell they also could buy animals to get products from them such as milk