Broken Blade by: Tommy Meyer Hour 6
Updated: 2/27/2020
Broken Blade by: Tommy Meyer Hour 6

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Broken Blade storyboard

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  • We already have enough middlemen
  • I can paddle really hard!
  • Pierre's dad cut his finger and Pierre must take his place as a voyageur. Pierre goes to McKay to ask to join. McKay says no but Charbonuea tells Mckay he can and Pierre goes off to paddle to Grand Portage. Pierre leaves behind his friends, his mom, and his dad
  • Pierre after stopping by St.Anne's church has made friends with Charbonneau and La Londe ,but he hates Beloit. Pierre's musles ache and has really bad blisters. Pierre sometimes thinks that he should have thought about the decision on signing more.
  • The voyaguers hit the first set of rapids and went so fast down it the rapids. Pierre's heart was racing. When they are almost out of the rapids another canoe almost rammed right into them and La Londe tried to help and fell in the rapids. The voyaguers made a cross for La londe to honor his death with his paddle.
  • Pierre's first day on Lake Superior went well and had no trouble. The next day the voyaguers faced big storms.It was wavy out on Lake Superior They were making there way closer to shore. Pierre was daydreaming when he almost fell out of the canoe. Then the canoe started to fill up with water and they had to stop on an island for two days called Michipocoten
  • As Pierre could see Grand Portage a fort with pointed logs in the ground and had banking houses and royal courts like Europe. They all had a feast in Chief Mukwa's wigwam and had venison, wild rice, smoked trout, and stewed meat. Pierre had met Kennewah, the Chief's oldest daughter and helped her pick berries.
  • Pierre returned to Lachine having a good ride back. Pierre wanted to return because he wanted to see his family. Pierre is going to sign on next spring. Being a voyaguer is hard cause youn need a lot of strength and you paddle 15 hours a day but you meet a lot of people.