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Updated: 2/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Welcome, and in these few slides you are going be learning about Alexander the Great, and what happened in his life.So sit back and enjoy the show!
  • My fine Men we will conquer Greece. Now Go and ATTACK!!
  • It is I the mighty King Phillip II, and I shall conquer Greece!
  • King Phillip has conquered Greece we all now listen to him.
  • My plans to untie the empire are, First we will Spread Greek culture and Ideas. Second I will use religion to inspire loyalty. And third I will show respect for the cultures I conquer and even adapt some of their customs.
  • I will carry out his plan. And untie the empire.
  • Marvoulous!Hooray!Wonderful! Outstanding!
  • Alas, This is were it all started with Alexander's civilization. Alexander the Great has died at the age of 33. And his empire did not last long after he passed. So this is what remains of his Empire. It crumbled and fell, but his dream still lived on.
  • Even though Alexander's empire crumbled, his dream still lived on.
  • His goals were, to Spread Greek Culture and Ideas, He used religion to inspire loyalty, and third he showed respect for cultures and adapted some of the things that culture did when he conqured, that culture.
  • Yes, Alexander the Great's empire crumbled but he was able to spread his goal through out his empire.
  • What you have learned about Alexander the Great was he carried on his father's wish.Alexander