AP World History Story Board
Updated: 2/9/2021
AP World History Story Board

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  • Renaissance Period(Social Classes)
  • Industrial Period (Social Classes)
  • Social Classes consisted from the bottom serfs/peasants, merchants/craftsmen/farmers,, nobles, and lastly the royal rulers who was at the top of the social structure.The Nobles lived in on large estates outside the walls and owned most of the city's land .Mainly served military officers, royal advisers and politicians. Merchants gained wealth from wool processing, shipbuilding, and banking. The unskilled workers were the lowest class of city workers. These laborers did not have job protection and were very dependent on their employers.
  • The industrial revolution, social classes started changed due to mechanization and more opportunities of jobs in urban areas. The middle class became introduced from people putting in hard work and proving you can move up a social class. Inventors gained profit from their inventions, mechanization created social aspect to the lower middle class because skills influenced payment. The social class started from working class, middle class, up to old elites ( upper class)