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Water Cycle Comic
Updated: 3/11/2020
Water Cycle Comic
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  • Once upon a time there was an old lake. He was all alone not knowing what would come next. He loved his lake but he had been there for about one million years It was time for a new home. Then all of a sudden he started to feel his body move. He saw many things he wish he could be like a young Glacer, a teen rain cloud and many more. But then he finally got to a resting point. He had flowed in to a river.
  • He ended up in nice small river. He was happy to be with some other rain collection. Just as he landed he realized he did not lke how small the river was. But then before he know it he was flowing back to his real home the river! He was happy but a bit sad, he had been in this place for so long it had gotten boring. He had fallen into deep sleep when...
  • He started to feel weird, he thought it was just his dream. He knew it wasn't when he smelled a awful stench. He was in a dogs stomach! EWW! He was slishing and sloshing. Then he started to feel part of himself Float in the air! The animal had respired. He has evaporating! Then before he knew it he was a cloud! He was so happy to get out of that crazy animal.
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