Updated: 7/30/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Shot 1-
  • Shot 2-
  • Shot 3-
  • Setting- At a cafeAudio- People talking, traffic going pastPlot/action- Two friends meeting for coffeeCamera angle- Long shot
  • Shot 4-
  • Setting- In the cinemaAudio- Movie scene playingPlot/action- They are going to find a seat to watch a movie together, mother and daughterCamera angle- medium shot
  • Shot 5-
  • Setting- In her kitchen cooking up a good mealAudio- Chopping, CookingPlot/action- She is cooking to show people that eating can contribute to a healthy lifestyleCamera angle- Birds view
  • Shot 6-
  • Setting- At the beachAudio- waves crashing together, kids laughingPlot/action-she running the to waves where her husband isCamera angle- Close up
  • Setting- In the parkAudio- birds, trees swayingPlot/action- She is going for a run in the parkCamera angle- very long shot
  • Setting- In bedAudio- silencePlot/action- She is getting the correct amount of hours of sleepCamera angle- medium shot