Oedipus The King - Clarence Castaneda

Updated: 9/10/2020
Oedipus The King - Clarence Castaneda

Storyboard Text

  • Resentment burned him as he had given up everything he has. When he came to a cross road, he found a chariot coming his way, and it shoved him. He shoved back and the old man in the carriage hit his head. Oedipus struck back and killed him and the others who were with him.
  • He went on his way to the city of Thebes where Creon promised the throne of Thebes to anyone who'd save them from the Sphinx.
  • Oedipus took the challenge, defeated the Sphinx, and took the throne of Thebes.
  • The widow queen Jocasta took him as her husband and had 4 children. Polyneices, Eteocles, Antigone, Esmene.
  • One day, a plague struck the city of Thebes. Apollo had told Creon that the plague could be cured and curse lifted if they avenge the death of their old king Laius.
  • No, this cant be. The servant said he was killed by strangers. Find more answers.
  • While they were searching for answers, Oedipus told them a story about the time when he killed a group of people on the way to his journey to Thebes.
  • As they found out the answers and head home to tell queen Jocasta, she'd already found out and killed herself. As Oedipus witnesses this he's blinded himself.
  • The blind man Oedipus was driven out of the city of Thebes and his daughter Antigone left with him.