Science and exploration choice board
Updated: 3/10/2021
Science and exploration choice board

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  • Galileo,1564-1642,Pisa,Italy
  • What made Galileo Famous?
  • Columbus,1451-1506,Genoa,Italy
  • Galileo lived in Pisa until his family moved to Florence In his middle teens he attended the monastery school at vallombrosa, Galileo was later sent to the university in Pisa to study medicine. At the age of 22 he released his first book, after publishing books and tutoring mathematics he became instantly famous.
  • What Made Columbus Famous?
  • Galileo became famous after being well know as a Philosopher, astronomer, and a mathematician and even developed a scientific method.
  • Isaac Newton,1643-1727,Woolsthorpe,United Kingdom
  • Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, he was the son of a wool merchant. When he was still a teen he got a job on a merchant ship. In 1476 his ship was attacked and the ship sank but he swam back to shore on a piece of wood where he later studied math, astronomy, and navigation where he made a plan yet to change the world.
  • What Made Isaac Newton Famous?
  • Columbus became famous after being know for a navigator he explored America under the Spain, some say he was the discoverer of America but this is not true.
  • Isaac was born on 1643 Woolsthrope, United kingdom was the son of a farmer who actually died three months before he was born. He spent most of his early years with his grandma until his mother remarried. His education was interrupted after trying to be a farmer.He got interested in philosophy but when the plague hit he had to return home where began his studies of calculus
  • Isaac Newton became famous after being know for the inventor of calculus.