Updated: 4/1/2021

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  • exposition
  • conflict
  • rising action
  • the Johnson's family lives in an average size townhouse located in Stratford Connecticut. recently a virus has occurred which caused a lot of problems with jobs, money, and homing so the government started giving stimulus checks. Kira Johnson (the mom) has just got hers, she works as a therapist and has been wanting to start a business and now is the chance, but her children want to do other wise
  • climax
  • Shayla Johnson (the daughter) really wanted to use the money to get a lot of clothes and Brandon Johnson (the son) wanted to use the money to buy a gaming system but Kira doesn't want to use the money for not important stuff. instead, Kira does what she wants to do she was looking for store room to rent out for her business and there was only one left in a white neighbor hood and a white male(Steven) was also interested so she has a big problem she knows her chances are very low because the color of her skin and where the store is located
  • falling action
  • kira got accepted for the store and was able to rent it out. the remainder of the money she spent half of it on her Shayla and the other half on Brandon. Kira goes to open the store and starts cleaning it and setting it up but she gets interrupted by the white male (steven) who was also interested in the store but didn't get it due to forgetting the date of his meet, he offers Kira a significant amount of money but she wasn't really interested so she didn't take his offer.
  • resolution
  • days later Steven stops by Kira's store and starts yelling at Kira outside the stores window "you colored people don't belong in this town I should have gotten this store" Kira heard what he said and it made her feel very unsafe and not welcomed, she had thought about just taking is offer and find something new that would interest her but she really wanted the store so she didn't let that thought control her. Steven started coming more and more and threatened her and did damage to her store throwing eggs, writing on the windows, throwing bricks with letters stating leave this town.
  • Kira starts getting tired of what Steven was doing so she started taking pictures to collect evidence so that she can sue Steven. she gathered enough evidence that was needed so she sets up a court date. the court sends out a letter to Steven about the court and when he needs to go. the day comes and Steven never shows up so they set up a new date the new court day comes and Steven is there they do their thing and say what's happening and what's going on Kira was suing Steven for damage
  • Kira was asking for the same amount of money she needed to rent out the store to fix the damages he has caused she asked for 3,000$ the court meeting was over and they said they will send out a letter saying what is going to happen. the next day Kira checks her mail and sees the letter and reads it it stated that she won the case and the case I now closed you will receive your money by Friday 3/14/2021. Kira was no longer bothered
  • you won your court case you will receive your money Friday