Corona virus Slideshow
Updated: 3/27/2020
Corona virus Slideshow

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  • Ebola : Ebola ia a virus that broke out in February 2013 .Ebola was first discovered in 1976 the first case was in 2013.Ebola is known to come from bats, pigs and more.There has been 0 cases in the U.S in Africa there has been 10,000 deaths .
  • Wet Market
  • The people who sell the fish were selling the fish illegaly
  • We have confirmed a case of corona virus in china.The virus has already caused deaths.
  • December
  • Even a simple handshake can spread the virus
  • The virus can spread by touching others, doorknobs, your face etc
  • They are trying to contain the virus by isolating everyone
  • In 6 months I expect people to be more cautious.Life will be a little bit different because some will hopefully learn and stay clean and try not to share anything and keep clean.