Ella Conrad's Personal Narrative Storyboard
Updated: 11/6/2020
Ella Conrad's Personal Narrative Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • I was walking home from the school bus on a sunny day in May. My friend who walks home with me wasn't on the bus today so I had to walk alone. I started to hear strange music it sounded childish. The noise reminded me of an old Christmas toy. It was weird why would someone would play it.
  • What's that weird noise?
  • I kept on walking towards the noise until I saw a white van. I saw it and thought it was empty and I assumed the music was coming from a house nearby. I stopped for a good 30 seconds. Suddenly I noticed ther was someone inside the van sitting in the drivers seat. Weirdly enough the driver noticed me at the same time I got a bit scared because the way he turned his head reminded me about how some creepy dolls turn their heads it freaked me out. I decided to start walking home.
  • Whats up with this van?
  • I only took a few stepped until I noticed the van was moving. The driver was looking dead at me. That was it I started running no matter if I was tired or not I was not sticking around here even if he wasn't following me I was not taking any chances. I had no idea why he was following me so I figured he was a mad man. But I knew I couldn't outrun a van plus the fact I was tired from walking already doesn't really help my chances. At that moment I felt scared to death.
  • Is he chasing me?Is he trying to kidnap me?
  • I was so tired of running so at the turn to my house I stopped there was a 3 way fork in the road so I hoped it would give me some time but I was wrong. He must have saw me turn or something because he turned the corner still chasing me I stopped in front of my house. Thatś where it hit me the man inside the van asked if I wanted ice cream. He was an ice cream man. I told him I didn have any money . He asked if I wanted to go run inside and get some. I told him no as I ran inside I noticed on the other side of the van was ice cream prices. I felt stupid then I walked back inside.
  • No thanks
  • Hey you want some ice cream?
  • I got inside and called my dad on accident but I hung up before he answered and called my mom. She told me to lock the doors and turn on the alarm because she thought he might try to break in. After I finished talking to my mom my dad called because he saw that I called him I told him what happened. Then my mom came home.
  • Ill be right over
  • Okay...Thanks!
  • When my mom finally arrived I found out she called the police. I didn really understand why because I was scared but I didnt think it was illegal for him to do that. The police arrived and started questioning me. Once I was done explaining the officer told me than man had a suspended drivers licsence anf no permit to sell ice cream. He was charged a huge fine and was banned from our neighborhood. I felt better but I was picked up from the bus.
  • Don worry its all been taken care of
  • Okay but why did he chase me