Bearkeeper's Daughter

Updated: 10/7/2021
Bearkeeper's Daughter

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, are you Thanasis the scribe?I would like for you to write me a letter and send it to Empress Theodora. I will pay with these 3 gold coins.
  • Yes, I am. Are you crazy I could put myself in danger. How would someone like you pay for my services
  • Of course I had not forgotten the killing. Perhaps you forgotten the riots and fire that prompted the killing. The rebels start to riot and start fires.
  • Why must you send a letter to a powerful woman? Haven't you forgotten last year.
  • It was Empress Theodora that told Emperor Justinian to stay and fight from his empire. Plus I have much happier memories of Hippodrome.
  • What do you mean?
  • Justinian stay and defend you empire don't just leave it!
  • When I was a little girl I had a friend and her father was a bear keeper. But we slowly started to take different paths.
  • Then one day I was sold into slavery and when was going to be sold then I heard from my owner that I was free!
  • Let me guess it was Empress Theodora! Well let's start to write!