Updated: 3/28/2021

Storyboard Text

  • There will be no final examinations this time.
  • Hey, have you heard?
  • The school is said to end by the end of May
  • Heard what?
  • Or even coming to school for that matter~
  • I guess, I do not have to study after all!~
  • I do not have to think about Calculus any time soon!~
  • Are you sure about that?
  • Weird, I thought it ends on June.
  • The whole school is buzzing, his news was the top read this morning!
  • The media site wherein our school press is in charge of.
  • You know, where Charles writes this blogsite of his.
  • Oh? And where did you read this information?
  • Yes! That Charles. I mean he is a respectable student. We might as well believe him, right?
  • But hey~ at least it is true, right? Are you not happy?
  • He may be respectable but his blogsite is not verified by the school itself!
  • Charles? You mean the guy notorious for spreading rumors?
  • Baseless assumption? Like how?
  • What Charles wrote was false and wanted everyone to rejoice so soon.
  • Pretty insensitive if you ask me, for a "respectable person"
  • The school clearly stated before that classes end on June.
  • As much as I want it to end early, the information is a baseless assumption
  • Wait, so there are exams!?~
  • I did not even get a chance to comply my missing activities!~
  • I'm doomed
  • That is what you get for believing in fake news
  • Only trust the school's news and decisions from now on, not Charles'. 'Kay?
  • Never believe information not verified by the source of the news itself.