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Chapter 27
Updated: 12/11/2019
Chapter 27
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  • The Mad Scramble for Africa
  • Africa
  • Imperialism is when a strong nation takes over another nation for power. 1800;European nations divided Africa with little thought about how African ethnic or language groups were distributed.
  • Now we take the land around this Black sea
  • The Ottomans try to gain land on the Black Sea. In 1853, war broke out between the Russians and theOttomans. The war was called the Crimean War
  • 1857;The Indians wanted there independence and wanted to have their own beliefs on religion and eating cows. The Indians then decided to rebel, there was fierce fighting against the British and the Sepoy soldiers they wanted to slaughter each others armies
  • We Indians Rebel
  • 1860-1880;The Boer War was between the British and the Boers. This was the firstmodern war. The Boers launched commando raids and used guerrilla tactics against the British. The British rebelledby burning there farms, and imprisoning women and children in concentration camps.
  • The Suez Canal was open in 1869, this body of water was cut through the Isthmus of Suez. The Suez Canal connected the Red Sea to the Mediterranean sea. When the Canal opened there was a huge international celebration.
  • Yeahhhh!!!!!!!
  • We must divide Africa!!!!
  • The Berlin Conference in 1884–85 was present because the Europeans set down rules for the division of Africa. They agreed that any European country could claim land in Africa,and yet Africa was not invited to this conference.
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