storyboard wedding
Updated: 11/2/2020
storyboard wedding

Storyboard Text

  • Don't worry about it, Zachary has it all worked out.
  • Coraline shopping for her wedding
  • The wedding has got me stressed out girl.
  • The disappearance
  • Uh.. is someone out there?
  • The news
  • I'm sorry ma'am, your partner Zachary Montelliano has gone missing
  • What's going on...
  • WHAT!!
  • Coraline is stressed about her upcoming wedding with Zachary, she's looking for the right wedding dress.
  • Giving up
  • 1 year later
  • It's been a year Caroline, you need to give up. He's not coming back.
  • Not even my parents..
  • Zach hears noise at the back of his job, he see's something and slowly walks towards it.
  • Recovering
  • Who's number is this..
  • Coraline is shocked to hear that her fiancé has gone missing. She goes into a manic state spending over a year trying to find him.
  • The text
  • After a year of searching she breaks down, she'll never see Zachary again. Her parents are worried about her, she feels alone. She starts to try to find her own happiness.
  • I feel so alone, nobody supports me anymore.
  • A few months pass by and Coraline feels like she can breathe again. She's in her room resting until she gets a notification from an unknown number.
  • The text Coraline get's leaves a mysterious and intriguing cliffhanger. Is Zachary really alive?
  • Blocked Number:Hi, you know who this it. Stop looking for me.