Updated: 5/12/2020

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  • Saturday April 26, 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (near the city of Pripyat in the north of Ukrainian SSR), there was a nuclear accident.
  • The accident was a result of inadequately trained employees working with a flawed reactor design. Click To EditThe accident was a result of Help Insert ParagraphUndoes the last commandRedoes the last commandTabUntabSet a bold styleSet a italic styleSet a underline styleSet a strikethrough styleClean a styleSet left alignSet center alignSet right alignSet full alignToggle unordered listToggle ordered listOutdent on current paragraphIndent on current paragraphChange current block's format as a paragraph(P tag)Change current block's format as H1Change current block's format as H2Change current block's format as H3Change current block's format as H4Change current block's format as H5Change current block's format as H6Insert horizontal Summernote 0.8.11 · Project · Issues
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  • This ended up resulting in steam explosion and fires that released 5% of the reactor core into the environment.
  • The Chernobyl disaster released a substantial amounts of radioactive contamination The accident ended up killing 31 people. But the radiation ended up eventually killing 29 firemen.
  • Citizens were evacuated, and animals who are still there suffer the side effects of radiation.