Copyright Comic Strip

Updated: 3/26/2021
Copyright Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • We are having a seminar over copyright, so go straight to the meeting room!
  • Oh Really I will be right there. Thank you for letting me know.
  • We will be talking about how we can prevent copyrighting others.
  • What will we be talking about during the meeting?
  • Does anybody know what copyright is?
  • Copyright gives the owners of the work special rights that no one else has over your work.
  • Fair use is when a copyrighted material may be used for news reporting, teaching, and research, without the need for permission.
  • You can research your topic properly by taking notes,proofreading and evaluating your sources
  • You can protect your work by Registering your work, ensure your work is properly marked and keep an agreement between your co-authors.
  • Which is a more trusted website? .net .org .com .gov
  • The 5 major things you should look for in a website when citing evidence are authority, accuracy, currency and usability.