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Updated: 3/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Here we arrived at the factory, now we are going in
  • When we go inside, be sure to wear the helmet! We will learn about mining first.
  • Sorry Mrs Chen, I have a question, what is mining?
  • Don't worried, I'll explain to you.
  • Mining is the mining of minerals and metals from the ground.
  • Personal life: soap, toothpaste, shampoo, vitamins, household medicinesDaily household: The house is built of mineral products, and water, electricity, and gas are all connected by copper, steel wires and pipes.
  • Do you know minerals are very common in our life?
  • Arrive at the factory
  • 3. Transportation: planes, trains, boats, private cars, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.4. Energy: The equipment that processes solar, wind or water energy is made from mined mineral products.
  • That's exactly used a lot!
  • Ask question
  • Lots of chemicals are used in mining, such as:1. cyanide, sulfuric acid2. nitric acid3. ammonium nitrate4. heavy metal
  • But Mrs Chen, how is mining related to chemistry?
  • 1
  • What is mining and how is it important?
  • Yes, it will definitely affects human life.
  • In the process of mining, if the protective measures are not done well, fires and explosions or tunnel collapse will occur, which will cause workers to lose their lives. The health of local people will also be affected by mining. For example, the water that people often drink will be mixed with residues from mining waste.
  • Will mining affect the people who live around or the health of the workers?
  • Continue to explain how important mining is
  • What are the chemicals used in mining?
  • The effect of mining