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The Reef Storyboard
Updated: 9/28/2020
The Reef Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • The Exposition, the setting is on the sea of the reef where Jimmy Tom dad dies. Jimmy Tom and Jim Tom are the main charters. Jim Tom was once a famous sponge diver, paralyzed and brave. Jimmy Tom is a sponge diver and brave.
  • The conflict, irony, external conflict. If Jimmy gets in the water he will die. Character vs nature. The external conflict is every time Jimmy went back into the water he had to face another creature.
  • The rising action Jimmy didn't listen to his grandfather when he told him come bac up to the boat and almost got eaten by a giant tiger shark. Jimmy found a shell that is rare and not six where found in the whole word. Jimmy cut his hand made it to the boat his grandfather fixed it and Jimmy went for another dive.
  • The climax is Jimmy got caught by an eight foot conger eel and almost died. 
  • The falling action is the great white squid got a hold of Jim Tom and almost pulled him in but Jimmy Tom fought the squid off to save them both and then spent the rest of the night paddling them back to the home island.
  • The resolution is Jimmy Tom and Jim Tom made it home jimmy Tom made over $200 and never went back to the reef. The theme is the reef is not fortunate to the greedy.
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