Monster Are Due On Maple Street by: Rod Serling

Updated: 10/15/2020
Monster Are Due On Maple Street by: Rod Serling

Storyboard Text

  • Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
  • By: Rod Serling
  • Jilly Young Block 1
  • Monsters Are Due On Maple Street
  • Scince
  • Strange Powers
  • By: Rod Serling
  • Advanced tech
  • In this element there is a meteor in the sky passing by. We know this element is Science because science is like understanding the world and how it works. It has many abilities that we don't know or think about. It does have strange effects to the world.
  • Multiple Problems
  • In this element the power is out and batteries, phones, and radios aren't working. We know this element is Strange powers because humans don't understand what is happening. They don't have the power to do that.
  • Protagonist and Antagonist
  • Come on, come, on. We have known each other for  years Charlie
  • We should keep an eye on you, your really anxious for me to go.
  • In this element the guys tries to start his car but he can't so he walks away with his keys and then it turns on! We know this element is advanced tech because ... For one he had his keys with him ad tried to start is before and it didn't work. Making a car start without anybody in it or the keys can only be done by very smart/advanced people/aliens.
  • In this element the whole town/neighborhood is fighting/accusing people of being an alien or doing something that is making the town go dark. We know this element is multiple problems because there are a lot and it has to be solved. Being in a fight and not resolving it does not go well.
  • In this element Steve (the "hero") and Charlie (the "evil one") are arguing but Steve is trying to stay calm and not get crazy and start blaming people with no evidence (which Charlie is doing). We know this element is protagonist and antagonist because there is always that one person who helps everybody and tries to figure out what to do. While the villain tries to get to a conclusion and do whatever it takes to make it not be him/her/a bunch of people.