Updated: 5/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • S="We won't!' said Bod."She's horrible!"(32)
  • Bod is upset that Silas is leaving him and that Miss Lupescu will wtch over him. He expresses his feelings by his speech and tone.
  • T= "Bod sat down on a clump of grass, and felt sorry for himself, and hated everybody. He even hated Silas, for going away and leaving him.' (35).
  • It was revealed through Bod's thoughts that he was mad at everyone because he felt betrayed and abandoned.
  • E= "They stared at each other, the small boy with tousled, moussy hair, the pinched pale women with not a silver hair out of place,"you eat one more piece". "I can't". "You eat one more piece now, or you stay here until you have eaten it all." Bod picked out a piece of vinegary tomato, chewed it and choked it down".(33).
  • This effects Miss Lupescu because Bod is refusing to eat the food she made which offends her
  • A= "Bod thought of Miss Lupescu and her aweful food and her lists and her pinched mouth." I'm game", he said. His three new friends might have been his size, but they were far stroger than any child, and Bod found himself picked up by the Bishop of Bath and Wells and held high above the creature's head." (36).
  • Bod makes the action of going with the creatures and leaving the graveyard.
  • L= "Bod could not imagine hugging Silas, so he held out his hand and bent over and gently shook it, engulfing Bod's small grubby hand with his huge pale one."(32).
  • Physical apperance describing Bod's hand as small and grubby
  • By:Tyler Klopp2nd PeriodEnglish