fur trade
Updated: 2/18/2021
fur trade

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  • Phase 1 The Early Fur Trade (1500-1603)The French and British came to Canada finding a large supply of cod, beaver and a new group of people with many survival skills to offer called the Mi'kmaqThe French set up permanent settlements and made a strong, healthy relationship with the Mi'kmaq while the British sent people from Europe to gain resources and bring them back to England
  • Phase 2 Expansion Inland (1603-1670)New France became permanently established and Quebec and Montreal were set up as shipping centers. The Quebec shipping centers would transport furs from Canada back to France in exchange for goods from the king.Beaver WarsThe Haudenosaunee received support and goods from the British and Dutch. The British used this conflict to their advantage and challenged against France over the fur trade because France were dominating this time. Quendat were the middlemen for both parties until they were defeated and the Coureurs De Bois replaced the Quendat after being independent traders. Religious missionaries came to Canada and tried to change the indigenous peoples religion
  • HBC
  • Phase 3 rival networks (1670-1760)Britain establishes the Hudsons bay company (HBC) Britain offers independent traders a monopoly in Ruperts land. The Cree and Nakoda are middlemen for the HBC. Anishnabe and Coureurs De Bois are French middlemen.French metis act as interpreters between the French and indigenous