Cake Making Methods

Updated: 10/2/2021
Cake Making Methods

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  • Goodmorning. We learned about the different methods of cake making.
  • Sure .
  • Wow that sounds very interesting can you tell me more about the methods.
  • Goodmorning. I didn't come to class yesterday and I was wondering what we learned in class.
  • Creaming is one of the cake making methods. Creaming is when you mix a sugar and a fat together until it becomes creamy in texture and white or atleast white-ish. Melting is a next method where you melt butter and other ingredients like sugar or chocolate together.
  • Those sound so interesting and easy.
  • We also learnt about the main ingredients in cake making.
  • Really tell me more.
  • Flour gives the cake structure. Fats and oils give the cake texture. Sugar gives the cake a sweet flavor. Eggs add volume to the finish product.Liquid is used to make the cake moist. A small amount of salt can also be used as flavor.
  • There are also rules and guidelines when it comes to cake making.
  • I didnt know that. Can you tell me more about the rules.
  • 1 tip. All ingredients should be a room temperature. 2 tip. All ingredients should be measured. 3 tip. Never fill your pans all the way because when it is finish baking it will double in size. Last tip is to never open the oven when the cake is baking.
  • Your welcome. I glad im could help
  • Wow thanks. All of what you told me sounds fun.