Thermal energy project
Updated: 6/15/2020
Thermal energy project
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  • Here, we have two balloons. The one on the left is a water balloon. And the balloon on the right is a regular air ballon.
  • Which one will pop first from interacting with thermal energy?
  • When the thermal energy is placed below the water balloon, it doesn't pop. Why?
  • The liquid molecules aren't free, so they are together in the shape of the container that they are in.
  • The water is able to absorb the heat causing it to get hotter without the balloon popping.The rubber bond didn't break,so the ballon didn't rupture due to the heat.
  • Woah!! The air balloon popped almost instantly! How did this even happen?
  • The air balloon pops because the gas molecules heat up quicker than water molecules. In the air balloon, the molecules are very spaced out.The bonding of the rubber got weaker and once it reached its limit, the balloon popped.
  • Oh! I see now. The reason why the water balloon didn't seem to pop was because the water particles were able to absorb and take in the h
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