Bill of Rights
Updated: 11/8/2018
Bill of Rights
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  • The First Amendment - Freedom of Speech
  • That may be your opinion but I don't like her. She's mean to everyone in my class.
  • I like Mrs. Sweet, I think she's a very nice teacher
  • The First Amendment - Freedom of Religion
  • That's ok, you don't have to.
  • I don't really agree with what you teach here or believe in.
  • The Second Amendment - Right to Bear Arms
  • I didn't know you had guns, dad! They're dangerous and you shouldn't have them.
  • Our second amendment says we can own and carry firearms without someone taking it away.
  • The first amendment says we have freedom of speech. We can say pretty much whatever we want and have an opinion about anything.
  • The Eighth Amendment - No Cruel or Unusual Punishments
  • For stealing food, you can only eat broccoli for 6 weeks!
  • That's just wrong! Amendment #9 says you can't do that!
  • The first amendment says we have freedom of religion. We can choose what religion we are. You can't be forced to attend or have a certain religion.
  • The Fourth Amendment - Freedom from Unreasonable search or seizure
  • You can't just come into my house and tell me I'm being searched! You need a warrant for that!
  • The second amendment states that we can own and use a weapon or firearm. We have the second amendment in place so our government can't take them away from us.
  • The eight amendment says if you have done wrong, your punishment cannot be unusual or cruel.
  • The fourth amendment states that no one can search what's yours if they don't have a warrant.
  • Your being searched!!!
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