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Lainez,Jenifer B5
Updated: 10/16/2020
Lainez,Jenifer B5
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This is for something in extensions like two kinds story.

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  • Once there was a mother and a daughter named Jing-mei whom lived in Chinatown, California.
  • Two kinds by Amy TanStoryboard by Jenifer Lainez
  • Jing-mei´s mother has been looking through magazines searching for prodigies to find her daughter future
  • Ni-kan
  • Jing-mei wasn't worried about it because they didn't have much money but they did buy a secondhand piano and books.
  • She was a Chinese immigrant and believed that in America anyone could be anything. She was one day watching television and saw a show with a prodigy. She would love to see her daughter successful. She would want to see her be a child prodigy
  • It was the day of the recital and Jing-mei would give the lowest amount of effort she needed to.
  • Jing-mei would receive ridiculous tests and she would spend countless hours studying. Jing-mei would also fail at most of the tasks so after some time her mother gave up. Until one day her mother was watching television and she came across a young girl playing the piano and she decided that would be Jing-mei's new talent.
  • Not long after the recital Jing-mei believed that she would't have to play again but she was wrong she did have to play infact she had to be there right now.
  • Jing-mei's mother made a deal with a an old music teacher who had retired named old chong who lived on the first floor.  She would practice for two hours every day she would also soon find out why he retired he was deaf. He would constantly be yelling the scales and he wouldn't pick out the mistakes she made. The worst part was she had a recital her mom put her in soon.
  • After many years from that day after the recital it was her 30th birthday her mother surprised her by giving her the piano.
  •  All the couples from the joy luck club were there. It was Jing-mei's turn to go on stage she got up and all she could focus on was how remarkable she looked. She started to play and she missed a note and many after that one but she didn't fix it she couldn't fix it. Soon enough it was over she no one applauded except old chong and her mother didnt say a word.
  • Her mother said it was four o clock but Jing-mei didn't budge. Her mother said it again but she didn't go her mother grabbed her by the arm. She pulled her up and put her on the piano Jing-mei was sobbing she said "i wish i wasn't your daughter i wish you weren't my mother. Her piano lessons stopped and the piano lid closed.
  • Jing-mei saw this as a pardon but she could not accept she believed the offer was good enough. But her mother insisted cli
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