Migration geo
Updated: 2/11/2020
Migration geo

Storyboard Text

  • Okay John, we have to move to due to the push factors in this country, and there are job opportunities in Saudi Arabia.
  • Wow, I am guessing the the push factors are the crime and the pull factor is your job opportunity.
  • Mom, why are you wearing that?
  • Its the culture here, we have to adjust to it.
  • Why can't we just do and wear what we did back home?
  • Because John, as I said before its the culture here and we have to follow it.
  • I lived somewhere else, but the crime rate was too high, and I could not pass on this teaching job.
  • Okay, is there anything back home you wish was here?
  • I had nothing important there, but a lot of people are leaving so their economic state is getting worse.
  • I see, this is one of the many effects of people migrating from their country.
  • But now there are a lot of job opportunities there, so people might want to migrate there if the crime gets better or if they need money.
  • But there is a plus side for countries like us right?