Adjective thing
Updated: 1/14/2021
Adjective thing

Storyboard Text

  • The small, brown, bouncy Mr Monkey walked up to the big, busy and loud store to buy some bananas.
  • Once he got into the American store he went to the fruit section.
  • He was in the fruit section when he found these green cylinder things that looked like bananas but little did Mr. Monkey they were plantains.
  • Mr. Monkey went home and he tried the “bananas”. He took one bite and said,”These aren’t bananas. Banana are much sweeter and more cylinder/like”.
  • Mr. Monkey went back to the big American store to return these banana like things.
  • Mr. Monkey went back to the store and explained to the man that the bananas were nastiest and most disgusting things he had ever had and the clerk told him that they were plantains and Mr. Monkey never went to that store again.
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