T1 project
Updated: 11/25/2020
T1 project

Storyboard Text

  • Alexander Hamilton
  • The story Of Tonight
  • Yorktown
  • This relates to history class because slaves were used for picking tobacco. The slaves were mostly black men. If they did something wrong they would get slaughter.
  • Non-Stop
  • This relates to history class because freedom in the story of tonight. They raised a glass to toast upcoming freedom. Raising the glass showed the importance that you may not live to see the final outcome.
  • Cabinet battle #1
  • This relates to history class because it talks about the battle of Yorktown. It was the major battle where the Americans and french defeated the British during the Revolutionary War.
  • The Election of 1800
  • This relates to history class by showing how Alexander Hamilton started as a lawyer. He became a famous lawyer, winning many cases. He also helped write the Federalist papers.
  • The song showed how Alexander Hamilton felt about taxes from other states. New York was the biggest offender of not paying taxes. These debts hurt the federal government and crippling the economy.
  • This song represents the Election of 1800. It represented a political battle between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. The final vote proved Jefferson won and it was the beginning of a two party system.