A Magical Book By: Brianna White
Updated: 11/8/2018
 A Magical Book By: Brianna White
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  • The Magical Book Brianna White To Build A Fire
  • I have an idea! 
  • Plot
  • Well... sweetie why don't you wait a little longer so me and your father can help you out. 
  • Mom, Dad I want to get my own job so I can get my OWN car.
  • I want to do this on my OWN!
  • Raising Action
  • *AHHHH*
  • Amelia stops at the library to clear her mind of some thought's she's been having for a while. 
  • Conflict 
  • WHERE AM I??? What do you mean you should've listened?
  • Amelia meets up with her parents Mary and David and talks them about her idea she brainstormed while at the library 
  • Conflict
  • OH MY GOSH! He is dying of it being to cold. Poor doggy... I WANT TO GO HOME! I need my parents help.
  • Amelia parents weren't so excited about her idea she had explained to them so she took off to the museum to do some more thinking. She begins to read the book and notice's a weird light peaking through. Next thing next she is getting sucked up into the book.
  • Conclusion
  • That was crazy, I really need to go have a talk with my mom and dad.
  • I can't do this on my own! This foolish weather, I can't even make an fire by myself. I should've listened to the old man... I need help!
  • Amelia soon realizes she was sucked into the book she was starting to read. She sees the nameless man along with the wolf dog struggling. Amelia wasn't sure of what was happening till she heard the man screaming out for forgiven and help.
  • Once Amelia sees that he wishes he would of listened to the older man she starts to think about how her parents might really be right about her idea. Immediately wishes to go home so she can fix what she told them earlier. 
  • Amelia opens her eyes and sees she is right back at the museum thankfully. She quickly begins to think of another idea that includes her parents opinion as well as hers.
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