Smoking and vaping

Updated: 5/12/2020
Smoking and vaping

Storyboard Text

  • my opening title
  • Dangers of smoking and vaping
  • establishing shot
  • close up
  • You don´t understand bro that´s not good for your health, you know i don like that stuff. I can stand being around my father as he consumes that horrible substance and blow it out to affect me too
  • Serious music
  • close up
  • Come on Toby it doesn´t hurt to try, and your dad is cool! At least he isn´t a kill joy like someone.
  • two boys talking and the guy in the black sweater tries to get his friend to vape.
  • Darn it Levi, i hope you really listen to me. IT´S NO GOOD TRYING TO BE COOL WITH KILLER USES.
  • Red hair starts to explain how bad vaping is for the human body and explains how he deals with his dad smoking cigarettes.
  • closing title
  • Friend is very oblivious to what he is intaking and sees it as cool and calls Toby a killjoy.
  • Toby isn´t convinced and warns his friend one last time.
  • end