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Updated: 2/18/2020
Mythology Storyboard.

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  • Isle of Lemnos
  • Doliones Part 1
  • Doliones Part 2
  • Jason and the Argonauts went to an island that was inhabited by only women. They had to get past, the women killed all the men on the island. They all met one they liked and then had to leave.
  • Phineas and the Harpies
  • They came upon another island that had people and 6 armed monsters that lived in peace. The people helped them and gavet hem supplies. The 6 armed monster were defeated by Hercules.
  • Clashing Rocks
  • After they left Doliones they found their way back on accident in a storm. The people that helped them thought they were enemies and fought them. They defeated the people and kept on sailing.
  • Colchis
  • Then, The Argonauts came upon a seer named Phineas, who was being forever punished by Zeus. His punishment was blindness and he was surrounded by Harpies. Some of the Argonauts chased off the Harpies and Phineas gave Jason a trick how to get past the next place.
  • Jason sent a dove through the rocks. While the rocks were reloading they went through and barely made it across. They bent their oars like bows getting across. Then they kept on going.
  • Jason finally made it to the end where he needed to kill a fire breathong bull, skeleton soldiers, and a dragon, with the help of a lady on the island. Jason does so and takes the Golden Fleece.