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early humans
Updated: 9/24/2019
early humans
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  • Who are you?
  • Ugh! I'm sick of tired of having to move from place to place. It is also so tiring traveling long distances around hunting for food!
  • I am a Farmer. Do you want to visit my farm?
  • Wow, this looks like you have so many choices on what you can eat. I mostly eat deer and elk.
  • Maybe you should consider being a farmer. Its safer, more options of what you can eat and once we build you a permanent home, you can think of a different job and skill. Do you want to see the different specialized skills that we have here?
  • This is your village?
  • Yes it is. Let me introduce you to some people and they can share with you their job.
  • Hi everyone, I want to introduce you to a Hunter. Introduce yourself and share your skill/job.
  • Im Jake and I make clothes.
  • Hi I am Logan, I am a Stoneworker. I make and trade jewelry.
  • Hi my name is Ryan and I make baskets.
  • Hello, I'm Jordan and I am tool maker.
  • In the Paleolithic times, people had to roam long distances in search of things to eat. While in Neolithic Age, they farmed and produced their own food and could settle down in one place.
  • In the Paleolithic times, they did not have a stable or dependable food supply. It was dangerous for the hunters because they would get injured or killed. But, during Neolithic times, they discovered the can plant seeds, harvest crops and domesticated animals. They raised sheep, goats and cattle for meat and also got milk from the goals and cattle.
  • In the Paleolithic times their only job was finding food to survive. In the Neolithic times, people had more time to develop a specialized skill. They got to develop these skills because they had a permanent home, compared to the Paleolithic time where they had temporary homes because they had to follow and travel the animals that they hunted.
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