Water Journey Henry S.
Updated: 1/20/2021
Water Journey Henry S.

Storyboard Text

  • River(liquid)
  • This is one lazy river
  • Clouds(gas)
  • I don’t like heights
  • Falling is fun!
  • Lake(liquid)
  • Ground Water (liquid)
  • Water from the lake evaporated into the clouds.
  • Plant(liquid)
  • Water from the clouds precipitated into a lake.
  • Animals(liquid)
  • We are thirsty
  • Water from the lake percolated through weak spots in the ground.
  • It’s a little tight in here
  • Ground water was abosrbed through a plant.
  • Can we get more of these apples
  • Water from the plants transpirated into the clouds, then precipitated back down and was consumed by an animal.
  • Don’t drink me!