narrative storyboard - yasmine esquivel
Updated: 3/18/2020
narrative storyboard - yasmine esquivel

Storyboard Text

  • Rising Action 2
  • The driver did not survive.
  • what do you mean didn't make it?
  • Rising Action 3
  • D..Dave was the driver in the vehicle
  • Climax
  • It'll be okay, you'll get through this.
  • I'm close enough to talk to a police officer. "Excuse me” I spoke. "What happened!?" I shouted over the yelling crowd."There's been a car accident, the driver was drunk and didn't make it." he answered. "What do you mean didn't make it?" I answered in a fearful tone. "The driver did not survive." he answered.
  • Falling Action 1
  • Madison I'm here.
  • Dad?
  • Jenna and I head home and she receives a call from the police station. Jenna answers. After a minute or two she hangs up and utters "D..Dave was the driver in the vehicle". My eyes widen and I dropped down to the floor.
  • Falling Action 2
  • I'll miss you too.
  • I'm gonna miss you.
  • *few weeks pass* The next morning was his funeral. "It'll be okay, you'll get through this.'' Jenna explained. I couldn't say anything. I nodded and walked away.
  • Resolution/ Conclusion
  • Where would I be if my parents were still here?
  • A few moments later they began the funeral, I felt trapped, my palms were sweaty and I couldn't breath, therefore, I stood up and walked outside for some air. I felt dizzy, I closed my eyes, and saw him."Dad?" I questioned. I couldn't believe what I was seeing."Madison, I'm here" He answered.
  • *five months later* A few days passed and I've decided to enter the hospital Jenna suggested. I don't want to leave, however, it's for the best. I pack a bag and we drive to the hospital.
  • Moments later a nurse leads me to my room. I lie down and wonder how it would be if the parents were still here.