The Monsters are due on Maple Street
Updated: 11/6/2018
The Monsters are due on Maple Street
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  • It was a regular day on maple street until a meteor hits the town. Everyone begins to worry and no ones car turns on. They all think of leaving and checking other places to see if it's only happening them. A kid named Tommy in the neighborhood believes that because of the comics he has read he thinks that no one should leave, but Charlie and Steve don't believe then the kid explained and they believed more. Tommy says that there is one family on the street that are the monsters who came down from the meteor. After everyone investigates a car turns on! They all accuse the neighbor of being the monster he was really mad and thinks everyone is ignorant and bad people for assuming that. They later investigate his activity because one neighbor sees him at night looking up at the sky. This neighbor explains that he has insomnia They all figure out its not him but later that night they see a dark and scary figure so charlie grabs his shotgun and. POW! They check out the body and notice its Peter Van. Turns out he was checking the neighborhood and they all start accusing the monster is Charlie then he says its Tommy! They all believe its him . Now everyone is pointing fingers at everyone. The neighborhood goes wild, turns out there was no alien in the neighborhood. "Man kind is its own monster."
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