Frankish Movie sences
Updated: 2/18/2020
Frankish Movie sences
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  • Hello father, I was sent here by my good friend Pepin. He has asked me to tell you to put in a very good word for him and suggest to the people that he shall be king. He will return the favor with anything you'd like father.
  • Well son, tell your friend Pepin that I will spread the word if... he promises for his life and his future sons, and grandsons, that he will protect my Chatholic church.
  • Charlemagne Guard
  • Charlemange
  • Jewish Family^^^^
  • Converted Christains:
  • ATTACK!!!
  • KEEP GOING!!!! Go and get help!1
  • Says in head: This is not a good idea!
  • In this scene, Pepin had sent a messenger to go to the Pope and ask him to tell all the people that Pepin will be a great ruler. at the time, the Pope was one of the most famous and powerful people and he knew if the Pope said something everyone would follow. The Pope agreed bu the needed Pepin and all of his future generations of a family would protect his church... Pepin agreed but someday his children might not...
  • I hearby, declare my three perfect sons, King of the Empire!!
  • In this particular scene, you can see that in the background there are converted Christians. Meaning, that they agreed to become Christain and are watching as this innocent family refuses. Charlemange stands in the back while he watches his guard threaten the family. This family is refusing and now the father will be put to death. The mother is trying to cover her children's eyes and protect them the best she could.
  • In this scene, the former military leader, Roland, and made a very big sacrifice. He was in charge of looking out for the back of the army. He had realized they were being followed by enemies. He told the back of the army to keep going and tell the front to come back for backup. Roland thought that he could take on the men, but he failed and was found dead. Roland has always been remembered for the brave sacrifice he had made that day.
  • ATTACK!!!!
  • In this scene, King Louis had desided to offically declare his three sons all kings. This was a terrible idea because each King will split the kingdom into thirds, and the Kingdom will be destroyed. Also, the borthers ma not get along just as well as Louis ad hoped.
  • In this scene, you can see Clovis, being baptised by a Priest. Clovis had decided to convert to chrianity, and to finalize his converison to his religion he being baptised, and making many promises to the catholic Church.
  • In this final scene of the movie, The Hammer is winning his most successful battle against the Muslims in the Battle of the Tours. The Battle is now known as a battle of Relgion due to it's effects.
  • CHARGE!!!!
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