PG13 & Blaze: The Honey Buns Saga
Updated: 5/23/2020
PG13 & Blaze: The Honey Buns Saga

Storyboard Text

  • Winter 2013 UWEC Campus
  • Hey Paul, I'm going back to the dorms. You?
  • Hi Maddy! Yeah, that's where I'm headed too...
  • Two Years Later Paul's College House
  • We made a giant cookie!
  • This was a great idea!
  • 1 Year Later 3 Hours at The Goat
  • I'm so glad he came to visit me. I really missed him.
  • I wish I could stay here all day with her.
  • 4 Months Later Maddy's Graduation
  • I've liked you for a while and I'm wondering if you'd want to go on a date?
  • 😍
  • 3 Months Later Mount Simon
  • I brought you here to tell you, I love you.
  • I love you too honey!
  • February 8th, 2019 Boyd Park
  • Will you marry me?
  • Yes!