social studies
Updated: 2/10/2020
social studies

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so yaaa

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  • Constituency
  • hello! im from India and im here with two people all, acroos the world!
  • Hello I'm from London and I'm here with two people across the world
  • I think we need more back roads in Red Deer?
  • What is a MLA?
  • I think so too because they don't have a lot don't you think?
  • Yeah and also Calgary does.
  • Legislative Assembly
  • And that's out presentation about Red Deer and how they need more roads.
  • Constituency are something made by voting laws. Constituency changes the population of Alberta or any province.Most Constituency have 30,000 or 40,000 population of people.
  • Political Party
  • we need more education
  • An MLA has to win an election to have a seat in the assembly. every seat has a area of the province they represent. Then they debate with eachother on what to do with the province.
  • Cabinet Minister
  • okay so i'm the leader of transportation and i think we need more side roads.
  • At a Legislative Assembly they talk about the elected people and making decisions for people in Alberta and any other provinces. Most of the time they let special people in the legislative.
  • lieutenant governor
  • hi do you have a bill it needs to be shown by me.
  • a Political Party is a group of people teaming up and working together and agreeing on things we need in Canada. It will be up to the citizens on which Political Party won.
  • A Cabinet Minister is a leader of a ministry like a leader of transportation they would have to take care of transportation or whatever ministry your the leader of.
  • the Lieutenant represents the Queen and is not in a Political Party.The bill has to be shown by the lieutenant. Did you know there the highest rated people in the world.